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  • travel guides
    • Before you travel you can also get a lot of information from the internet about the destination that you're going to visit. Some examples of quality travel guides are one about Chania, which is part of island of Crete in Greece and is a fantastic destination for summer holidays and also a guide about Corfu, which is another island in Greece ath the Ionian Sea. As it's impossible to talk about Greek islands without mentioning the islands in the Aegean Sea, here is an example of a nice travel guide of Paros, an inland in the middle of Cyclades islands complex, which is very popular among Greeks and internation tourists alike.
    • international guides
      • Not all tourists speak english and hopefully many tourist guides exist in various languages. Talking about Greece, the Ionian islands are very popular to Italian tourists as they are very near Italy and one of their favourite destinations is the island of Cefalonia. A lot of information about this beautiful island can be found at this guide about Cefalonia in Italian. Near Cefalonia, there is Zante which is another Ionian Island that is very popular to tourists from Italy and this is a dedicated guide to Zante. Of course, Italians also like Santorini, one of the best islands in the world, and they can find travel information at the italian version of a site about Santorini. Greeks don't know everything about their own country and they also like to read travel guides before they travel. For example this guide about Milos island which is called Μηλος in Greek and this guide about Lefkada island which can be accessed by car as there is a brigde connecting it to the mainland and it is called Λευκαδα in Greek.
    • sites
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    • general
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